We are completely committed to improving quality, which for us implies:
  • Food safety: regular LMR control both in origin as in destination. All the produce we market meets IFS, at all times applying our best integrated efforts to all our produce.
    Our goal is that the consumer trusts our produce, which additionally to being high quality produce is totally free of residues and exceptionally healthy.

  • Every client’s demand for quality: quality control is in charge mainly of:
    • Verifying produce quality in the different packing centres.
    • Ensuring the quality of our associated farmers.
    • Ensuring compliance with the client’s quality demands.
    • Verifying other parameters such as weight, labels, sugar control, etc.
    • Knowing and applying our client’s specifications and demands for packing centres.

  • Traceability: the purpose of traceability is to establish and maintain a documented system to identify each kind of produce, and be able to sustain proper follow-up from the moment when the produce is recollected in the field up to its delivery to the final client.

  • Respect the environment: currently regulations in force regarding both ecological and environment issues such as food safety are paying special attention to production control and processes, with the purpose of ensuring produce safety and quality.

  • Quality manual and qualified personnel: in charge of advising our associated farmers about market demands, produce varieties, standards, etc. planning and counselling even before sowing in order to cover their needs.
IFS certificate      BIO certificate
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